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One Drop Overture Yoyo

gold one drop overture yoyo
gray overture one drop yoyo
purple overture yoyo one drop
silver one drop overture yoyo
green one drop overture yoyo
orange one drop overture yoyo

Kitty String

white kitty strings 10
white kitty strings 100
green kitty strings 10
green kitty strings 100
yellow kitty strings 10
yellow kitty strings 100
red kitty strings 10
red kitty strings 100
black kitty strings 10
black kitty string 100

Blue YYF 19mm Slim Pads – optional


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The One Drop Overture Yoyo Players Pack comes with some especially handy accessories to help you have the best experience possible with the Overture Yoyo. Included in the pack is a Center Trac bearing, which is a string centering bearing, as opposed to the flat bearing that comes stock inside the Overture. Also included in the pack is a 10 pack of Kitty String, and a bottle of Yotricks Thin Lube, to help maintain the Center Trac bearing and flat 10 ball bearing.

Included in the Overture Yoyo Players Pack:

A good deal. $84.48 worth of product for only $79.99.

Additional information

Weight150 g
Dimensions4 × 4 × 3 in

One Drop Overture Yoyo

Overture Yoyo Color

Gold Overture Yoyo, Gray Overture Yoyo, Purple Overture Yoyo, Silver Overture Yoyo, Green Overture Yoyo, Burnt Orange Overture Yoyo

Kitty String


Regular, Fat

Kitty String

10 White Kitty Strings, 100 White Kitty Strings, 10 Green Kitty Strings, 100 Green Kitty Strings, 10 Yellow Kitty Strings, 100 Yellow Kitty Strings, 10 Red Kitty Strings, 100 Red Kitty Strings, 10 Black Kitty Strings, 100 Black Kitty Strings

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