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Yoyo Weight and Specifications

Specs for the Hidra Yoyo

  • Weight
    67.00 grams
  • Diameter
  • Width
  • Finish
    Blasted, Polished

YoYoTricks.com Hidra Yoyo Review

Engineered in Germany by iYoyo, the HiDRA Yoyo is more than just an excellent performer. The HiDRA Yoyo is potentially the best budget metal yoyo we’ve ever played with for all kinds of grind tricks.

The HiDRA Yoyo has a comfortable, rounded shape with an exaggerated step off of the response area. This unique shape pushes more weight to the outer edges of the yoyo, making the HiDRA Yoyo feel incredibly solid and stable on the string.

The most interesting feature of the HiDRA Yoyo is how well it grinds. What amazed us is that the HiDRA Yoyo excels with everything kind of grind that we could think of. Finger grinds, vertical and off axis palm grinds, arm grinds, talon grinds, and more. The premium blasted finish, in combination with every cut and curve of the design, is there to lower the friction of every grind surface you can find on the HiDRA Yoyo.

Adding to it’s grinding capabilities, the inner cup of the HiDRA yoyo naturally directs your finger to the center during off axis finger spins, and then keeps your finger properly centered. This makes the HiDRA Yoyo an excellent choice for those learning popular off axis finger spin tricks.

The HiDRA is a real joy to hold in your hand, whether it is spinning or not. The HiDRA Yoyo is the second iYoyo product that we have offered to our customers, and we could not be more excited to see the incredible tricks our community will learn and create on the HiDRA.

Manufacturer's Description of The Hidra Yoyo

We believe the YoYo community has far more talent than just creating awesome tricks. Ze’ev Yehuda, US student and yoyo player, has one of these. He has literally created dozens of cool looking CAD yo-yo designs in his spare time. When we discovered one particular one, we knew we had to get it produced. We got in touch with Ze’ev to see if he wants to see his vision become a product. We prototyped it, tweaked it and we are blown away by how well it plays. Think of a relaxing, solid and stable throw for everyday. We can’t wait to see the tricks the community is going to throw with it!

Additional information

HiDra Yoyo Color

Any Color HiDra Yoyo – Surprise Me!, Black Green Blue HiDra Yoyo, Fire HiDra Yoyo, Black Blue Silver HiDra Yoyo, Galaxy HiDra Yoyo, Apocalypse HiDra Yoyo, Ouroboros HiDra Yoyo, Blue Yellow Pink Fade HiDra Yoyo, Blue Multicolor Splash HiDra Yoyo, Green Yellow Aqua Fade HiDra Yoyo, Black Pink Speckle HiDra Yoyo, Rainbow Acid Wash HiDra Yoyo, Black SIlver Blue Splash HiDra Yoyo, Aqua Copper Fade HiDra Yoyo, Yotricks Edition Splash HiDRA Yoyo, Black Pink Aqua Acid Wash

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