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Response Pads

Yoyo Weight and Specifications

Specs for the Exia Yoyo

  • Response Type
    Unresponsive - Bind Required
  • Weight
  • Diameter
  • Width
  • Gap Width
  • Finish
    Blasted Aluminum, Gloss, or Matte

YoYoTricks.com Exia Yoyo Review

The Exia yoyo from MK1 Yoyos is the first yoyo ever listed under our Craft Yoyos section, and we couldn’t think of better yoyo to get started with. The Exia is bimetal yoyo that combines everything from amazing looks and colors to well thought out weight distribution and design concepts. The result is a beautiful yoyo full of power that is easily tamed at the hand of any yo-yo player. Pair all of this up the unique, eye catching (Gundam inspired) insignia, designed by MK1 team member EOS44, and you have a yoyo worthy of any throwers collection.

Manufacturer's Description of The Exia Yoyo

An inner-ring bimetal yoyo created with 7068 aluminum and steel.

The core idea of the Mk1 Exia came from team member Max Choo, who is a big fan of Gundam.
The entire team helped to test & focus the design, resulting in a yoyo that exudes control
and maneuverable power.

Additional information

Weight86 g
Dimensions2.25 × 2.75 × 2.75 in
Exia Yoyo Color

Black with Rainbow Rings Exia Yoyo, Pink Blue Fade Exia Yoyo, Green Fade with Gold Rings Exia Yoyo, Green Fade with Silver Rings Exia Yoyo, Teal Silver Rings Exia Yoyo, Maroon Gold Rings Exia Yoyo, Matte Silver Rainbow Rings Exia Yoyo, Galaxy Silver Rings Exia Yoyo

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