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YoYoTricks.com Dash YoYo (Unresponsive Edition) Review

The Dash is the kind of yoyo you take everywhere. The Dash Unresponsive Edition (formerly 2013 Edition) comes unresponsive out of the box, which means it is capable of doing the most advanced tricks, but its small size also makes it perfect for pocketing. This is no small benefit, especially if the large size of most yoyos keep you from carrying a yoyo with you most of the time. The rounded shape of the Yomega Dash makes it extremely comfortable to hold and throw and offers a great deal of control for such a small yoyo.

Yomega chose to make the Dash out of high quality aluminum, which means it feels like yoyos that cost 3-4 times as much. In terms of performance it is not on quite the same level as its more expensive brethren, but only someone who is quite familiar with yoyos that cost over $80 would be able to tell the difference. If this is your first metal yoyo, or your first yoyo with a large size C bearing, we are confident you will be pleased with the performance of the Dash yoyo. At the beginning the response system can be a little too aggressive as well, which means that in some models there will be a break-in period for the Dash before it is 100% unresponsive. The Dash yoyos that we have used also come with a shieldless bearing, which means it will be easy to clean, but will require more frequent lubing (we recommend YoTricks thin lube) than a shielded bearing to ensure the bearing does not get damaged.

We recommend the Dash for anyone looking for either a pocket yoyo or an unresponsive yoyo that plays great but won’t break the bank. The 2013 Dash certainly outperforms its price! 

Manufacturer's Description of The Dash YoYo (Unresponsive Edition)

Yomega® DashTM Now features  a C-size bearing and silicone response stickers. The Dash is based on the same internal system as the Maverick. However, the Dash is wider and heavier than the Maverick, providing an alternative play experience for the advanced player.

Additional information

Weight 111 g
Dimensions 5.5 × 1.75 × 7.75 in
Yomega Dash Yoyo Colors

Any Color Dash – Surprise Me!, Gold Dash, Red Dash

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