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Yoyo Weight and Specifications

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    Unresponsive - Bind Required
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YoYoTricks.com Barracuda Yoyo Review

The Duncan Barracuda is for the player who is looking for a high-end yoyo they can use to experiment with several styles of yoyoing, specifically 1A, 3A, and 5A. The Barracuda has won major yoyo contests in all three styles, taking first place at the world yoyo contest for 1A and 3A, while also winning the National yoyo contest in 5A. We don’t know of any other yoyo that has ever achieved such a feat. This alone should give any player the confidence they need to jump into a new style of yoyoing without reservation.

The Barracuda yoyo is designed to perform a diverse set of tricks. The yoyo comes with a smooth finish that feels nice and works well for finger grinds. It has a distinctive shape that can feel somewhat large to hold, but is not uncomfortable. It has a small step in the aluminum next to the response pads that allow its weight to be pushed further from the center of the yoyo without an exaggerated slope. This gives the Barracuda a great deal of stability, which is a must for any 5A yoyo, but is a great benefit for 1A and 3A as well. In addition, the Barracuda comes with its own counterweight, so you can get started on your Freehand tricks right away.

What may surprise some is that the Barracuda comes with a rather conventional flat bearing instead of something like a CenterTrac or KonKave bearing. This is by design, as flat bearings allow for tighter and easier binds, which can be useful during 5A style play. However, if you are at all interested in using your Barracuda for 1A style play, or for any off-axis yoyoing, a KonKave bearing offers a significant bump in performance, and is highly recommended.

Y.T.Peterman Catalog Description of The Barracuda Yoyo

They called him the fish whisperer, which he always thought strange. He wasn’t much for talking. Raised on a houseboat, he spent his childhood fishing out catfish and large mouth bass from their rustic tributary as it lazily poured its soul into the heart of the great Mississippi. His mother served up his daily catch to passers-by out of an old railroad car on the edge of town. When his skill with rod and reel became known, the locals began to call him the Barracuda, a tease for his pronounced under-bite. “Yo-yo, Barracuda, how’s the catch?” were sometimes the only words he heard all afternoon.

Despite his skill, more than the thrill of the catch he loved listening to the wind songs that swept through the willows, as the breeze played their boughs like the strings of some grand instrument. To his ear the chaotic chatter of birds composed a lovely discordant choir, and the fish the percussion as they leapt and splashed in the river, whose flow and waves chanted a constant melody. The zing of his cast, the plop of his lure breaking the water’s tension, these were his contributions.

Each evening the river’s song would change as buzzing and croaking took over for the bird’s exhausted voices. So too, the Barracuda changed his tune. The rod, reel, and tackle he stowed away, the day’s catch long since delivered, and out would come his namesake, his Duncan Barracuda yoyo. As the darkness fell and the stars began their show, the sound of the bearing whizzing completed the day, adding its own final notes, putting the world to sleep as the moon rose to take its watch, until the day would be renewed.

Manufacturer's Description of The Barracuda Yoyo

Designed by World Champion Rafael Matsunaga, the Barracuda is back! Used to win 8 National and World titles, the Barracuda is a well-known design famous for its aesthetics, spin time, and competitive performance. This new version keeps all that, tweaks it, and adds a new flavor to every throw. Bringing back this legendary yoyo means creating more world champion’s in the making

Additional information

Weight 110 g
Dimensions 4.5 × 2.75 × 2 in
Barracuda Yoyo Colors

Red Black Splash Barracuda Yoyo, Blue Black Splash Barracuda Yoyo, Blue Gold Splash Barracuda Yoyo, Gold Black Splash Barracuda Yoyo, Red Barracuda Yoyo, Green Barracuda Yoyo

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