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These translucent ball counterweight, made from POM, are a great way to get started with 5A (Freehand) yoyo-ing. Each counterweight is sold individually or can be purchased in the 4 pack.

NEW! The soft/rubber ball counterweight. Made from a rubber material to make practicing 5A tricks less painful! Sold individual or in a 3 pack. Note: Exact color for the Aurora Galaxy and Fire soft/rubber ball counterweights varies from piece to piece.

Additional information

Weight 12.4 g
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 in
Ball Counterweight Color

Translucent Blue Ball Counterweight, Translucent Red Ball Counterweight, Translucent Yellow Ball Counterweight, Clear Ball Counterweight, 4 Color Pack – Ball Counterweights (add $3), Solid Blue Soft (Rubber) Ball Counterweight, Aurora Galaxy Soft (Rubber) Ball Counterweight (Color Varies), Fire Soft (Rubber) Ball Counterweight (Color Varies), 3 Color Pack – Soft (Rubber) Ball Counterweight (add $2)

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