Let your tricks simmerRight now I am working on about a half-dozen new tricks: a few one-handed and a few two-handed. I typically rotate through these tricks in any given practice session so that I don’t get too burned out on one trick. Still, there are some tricks that I just have to put aside for a period of time because I have stopped making any real progress. This is usually quite frustrating because I really want to master the trick. However, over time I have learned that putting a trick aside is not always a bad idea. Sometimes you have to let tricks simmer. Much to my delight whenever I come back to these tricks I find them much easier to learn than they were before.

Letting a trick simmer is not a magic formula. You cannot work on a new skill for five minuets and put it away for a week and expect to be its master when you return. No. Letting a trick simmer is a last resort.

You put in an hour a day for a couple of weeks on a new trick. While you have made small gains it still mocks you in your sleep. You press on undaunted, certain you will overcome. But alas, it is no use. Now is the time to put it aside. How long? If you have been working on the trick for a week, let it simmer for a week, maybe even two. Our minds have a way of working things out in our down-time that we cannot sort through in the midst of the battle. When you return remember everything you learned before and start again. I am certain you will be pleased with the results.

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