Yoyo Updates and News

Shutter Yoyo

January 31, 2017


Yotricks Edition Shutters are now back in stock with one half silver one half blue!

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Sage Yoyo

January 30, 2017


The Winter Edition Sage Yoyo is back in stock on YoYoTricks.com! Get one while they last!

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Fizz Yoyo

January 30, 2017


Our new beginner yoyo, the Fizz, is now available on YoYoTricks.com!

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Edge Yoyo

January 27, 2017


Big YoYoFactory Edge restock, with a new splash colorway!

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Velocity Yoyo

January 5, 2017


Light Blue Velocity Yoyos are now available! We only have a limited supply of these so don’t miss out!

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