Have you ever yoyoed before?

Would you prefer a yoyo that is super easy to use, but more limited?
Or, a yoyo that is almost as easy, but can also be upgraded for advanced play?

Do you already know how to do a bind return?

We would recommend one of our beginner yoyos. They are designed to make it easy to learn the basics. Our top pick is the Fizz yoyo.

  • yoyotricks.com fizz yoyo blue

    Fizz Yoyo

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In that case we recommend the Sage Yoyo. It is easy to use and the pro pack allows it to be upgraded to allow for more advanced play.

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    Sage Yoyo

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  • Sage Starter Pack

    Sage Yoyo Starter Pack

    From: $26.99
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How much are you looking to spend?

The Replay Pro is an affordable but excellently performing yoyo that was used to win the US National Yoyo Contest in 2015.

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    Replay Pro Yoyo

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The Canon is an excellent all around yoyo, and a great deal. It comes with the $15 Ultraweight included so you can expand beyond 1a into the exciting 5a style when you're ready.

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    Canon Yoyo

    From: $44.99
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The Ethos is the pinnacle of yoyo design. If has a finger spin bowl, shape, as well as sturdy and attractive stainless steel engraved rims to maximize performance.

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