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YoYoTricks.com Mystery Boxes. Details on the current mystery box below.

Small Mystery Boxes – 30 Available
Each mystery box contains 2 B-Grade yoyos (minor anodizing flaws), a ball counterweight, and a bundle of cage free strings. Retail value of these items altogether is normally over $80 but with the B-Grade mystery boxes, the price is down to $39.99.

2 random small boxes contain b-grade Cloudstrike yoyos and 1 random small box contains a “sorry grade” Ouroboros yoyo, signature throw of Luna Harran!

Large Mystery Boxes – 20 Available
Contains 1 B-grade yoyo, a mystery A-grade yoyo, a mystery skill toy, 20 Cage Free strings, and a soft ball counterweight. Over $100 in value for $59.99.

1 random large mystery box contains a new bimetal Civility prototype with the finger spin hub and 1 random large mystery box contains a special, one of a kind, unique colored yoyo from MK1. They sent it to us as a gift and I thought it would a great piece to share with someone in the community.

Super Sized Mystery Boxes! – 3 Available
Containing a set of mystery items (including two non-yoyo skill toys). I promise you won’t regret picking one up! Over $300 in retail value for $150.

Additional information

Weight 215 g
Dimensions 4 × 2.5 × 6.25 in
Mystery Box Size

Small Mystery Box, Large Mystery Box, Super Sized Mystery Box

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