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With an adjustable gap, the Loop 1080 is the most comparable yoyo to the Unleashed

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Yoyo Weight and Specifications

  • Weight
    54.58 grams
  • Diameter
  • Width
  • Gap Width
  • Finish

YoYoTricks.com Unleashed Yoyo Review

The Unleashed Yoyo is easily one of the best 2A yoyos on the market today. The yoyo plays great, sleeps a very long time for a looping yoyo, and has an adjustable gap that works well and allows you to fine tune the yoyo to work on various types of tricks. If you are working on wraps, for example, it is easy to loosen the yoyos a bit to make it slightly less responsive, giving you a little more room for error as you practice. If you are working on punching bags, tighten the yoyos down to make them extra snappy to help you generate the force you need to work on the trick.

Besides this, one of our favorite things about this yoyo is that it requires very little maintenance. It is possible to lube the yoyo a single time and have it play perfectly for 10-20 strings. Most looping yoyos require maintenance between every string, so this is an enormous time saver that allows you to keep practicing without stopping to relube and clean the yoyo between strings. Even if the Unleashed yoyos did not play as amazing as they do, this alone would make them worth considering.

If there is any disadvantage to these yoyos it is the adjustable gap. While this is helpful in many ways, it can be frustrating at first to figure out how you want the yoyo setup, only to have to take the yoyo apart when you get a knot and then start the whole process over again. In truth, this is a very minor annoyance, and within a week you will find it quite easy to get the yoyos tuned precisely the way you would like very quickly.

Fast, fun, fantastic! Everything you want in a 2A looping yoyo.

Y.T.Peterman Catalog Description of The Unleashed Yoyo

Unhinged. That’s what they said about him. Mistreated, maligned, and misunderstood; that’s what I saw. Mockers, keep your insults, laughing like fools at your moronic witless banter. I’ve never seen something so stupid one called to the platform; his cronies gurgled with laughter, as if they were choking on the carbonation from their Mountain Dew. Yes, he did look stupid. His shirt was too small to cover his girth; his shorts, a hand-me-down from a cousin who no doubt purchased them off the discount rack at the thrift store; his shoes, what was left of them, where no doubt first worn when his feet were three sizes smaller than they were now.

He did look unhinged. Until the music started. When his yoyos were unleashed, so was his soul. All the voices were silenced, all the disgusting slurping and obnoxious laughter stilled. Their nescience was exposed. For two minutes it seemed as though he were from another world where beauty is found in motion and energy, not in one’s appearance. For 120 seconds we were all aliens witnessing the birth of a new transcendence that would exist forever in our collective consciousness taking us to higher and higher heights.

Unhindered, unrestrained, unleashed.

Manufacturer's Description of The Unleashed Yoyo

The Unleashed is the next generation looping yo-yo from YoYoJam and National Champion Joseph Harris!

The Unleashed builds upon the success of YoYoJam’s original premier looping yo-yo, the Sunset Trajectory, bringing it to the next level with huge improvements for two handed looping play!

Features include a new unique starburst response system that slopes out from the bearing seat to give you response when you need it but allow for longer spin while performing extended sleeping tricks like wraps and tangler. The Unleashed also was given an added weight boost to improve stability and deliver longer overall spin time.

This yo-yo is the signature series of National Champion Joseph Harris and is a great choice no matter what your skill level. Beginners will enjoy the great stability and ease of control while advanced players can adjust the gap to a wider setting for lower response and better sleep time.

There has never been a better time to start two handed play and Unleashed will give you the edge you need!

Additional information

Weight 70 g
Dimensions 2.5 × 1.75 × 2.5 in
Unleashed Yoyo Colors

Any Color – Surprise Me!, Blue Unleashed Yoyo, White Unleashed Yoyo, Lime Green Unleashed Yoyo, Red Unleashed Yoyo, Green Unleashed Yoyo, Orange Unleashed Yoyo, Turquoise-Green Unleashed Yoyo, Turquoise-Blue Unleashed Yoyo, Black Unleashed Yoyo, Blue Sparkle Unleashed Yoyo

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