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Yoyo Weight and Specifications

  • Response Type
  • Weight
    64.5 g
  • Diameter
    57.00 mm
  • Width
    42.00 mm
  • Gap Width
    4.71 mm
  • Material
  • Finish
    Polished or Matte

Manufacturer's Description of The TiTANiC Yoyo

The iCEBERG is already a modern classic. Time to upgrade.

Our iCEBERG is without question the absolute top seller among the iYoYos and popular with countless players worldwide. But this success wasn’t enough for us, we wanted to take the shape of the iCEBERG one step further. If you think of a pun on a Ti-tan version of the “iceberg” when you hear the name, you are spot on 😉

The TiTANiC is the first completely highly polished Ti-tan yoyo in the world and is simply breathtakingly beautiful. Playfully it ties in with the great performance of the iCEBERG, but achieves the same spin with a lower weight and is therefore even more agile than the iCBERG.

With the Pixel Bearing, the TiTANiC also sets standards in terms of ball bearings. Our in-house iRiNGS response pads ensure reliable binds.

Last but not least, we of course know that the TiTANiC is more of a YoYo for the collectors among you – and we have also complied with the specially designed metal case as packaging. The TiTANiC immediately feels like a premium yoyo should feel from the first moment it is opened – simply breathtaking.

The blue TiTANiC come with a Pixel Bearing Generation 2020.

Believe us: they are simply AMAZINGLY beautiful.

Additional information

Weight 300 g
Dimensions 4 × 3.5 × 3.5 in
TiTANIC Yoyo Colors

Polished Blue Titanium TiTANIC Yoyo, Matte Rainbow Fade Titanium TiTANIC Yoyo

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