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Recommendations for the THIS-A-WAY/THAT-A-WAY Yoyo


Yoyo Weight and Specifications

Specs for the THIS-A-WAY/THAT-A-WAY Yoyo

  • Response Type
    Fixed Axle - woodthread 416 walnut
  • Weight
    42-50g depending on wood choice
  • Diameter
  • Width

Manufacturer's Description of The THIS-A-WAY/THAT-A-WAY Yoyo

Put it together slim for some looping THISAWAY, or with a wider catch zone for string tricks THATAWAY.

I can’t recall a profile that I’ve obsessed over as much as this one. It’s a simple tapered gap, with a rounded rim. One face is tapered a 3/16”, the other at 3/32” depth. This creates a perfect blend of spin time, loop capability, response, and stability. Both configurations share a certain feel, but allow for a good amount of difference in play style.

What side are you on?

That’s your choice.

Who am I to judge?

available in standard and deluxe models.

Standard model is sanded to 180 grit, natural (no finish) wood, no stamp, and packaged with a standard envelope and string.

Deluxe model is sanded to 220 grit, finished with oil/varnish blend, stamped lettering, and packaged in plank packaging with string.

Additional information

Weight65 g
Dimensions3 × 3 × 2 in
THIS-A-WAY/THAT-A-WAY Yoyo Model and Wood Type

THIS-A-WAY/THAT-A-WAY Yoyo Standard Maple, THIS-A-WAY/THAT-A-WAY Yoyo Standard Oak, THIS-A-WAY/THAT-A-WAY Yoyo Standard Cherry, THIS-A-WAY/THAT-A-WAY Yoyo Deluxe Maple, THIS-A-WAY/THAT-A-WAY Yoyo Deluxe Oak, THIS-A-WAY/THAT-A-WAY Yoyo Deluxe Cherry

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