Raw the VOW Yoyo
Raw the VOW Yoyo
Gold the VOW Yoyo
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Manufacturer's Description of The The VOW Yoyo

This project was a special project for us. We actually came up with the theme before knowing what the VOW itself was going to look like. It was clear to us that we wanted a clean/classy yoyo that would capture the concept of a vow. Patrick Dressel and I had the perfect idea of what could work for this project. We wanted it to be an undersized, organic, stainless steel, D-bearing yoyo that played smooth and fast. Unlike our previous run, Elysium, the VOW is not floaty so it definitely marks a change of pace for our company. This project took over six months to develop because of the complexity of working with stainless steel. Additionally, once we received the prototypes, we did some modifications to ensure that the VOW played and looked exactly how we envisioned it.

The VOW was born from the idea that it would be cool for one our yoyos to represent a commitment to the person who owns it. The theme also reminded us of our very recent wedding; my wife sees this run as a fun tribute to our vows and marriage (which is what started Few and Far Between Yoyos). The colorways for this run are: Raw (Polished and Unpolished), Rose Gold (Electroplated), Gold (Electroplated), and Black (Electroplated). These colors were specifically chosen to resemble the colors of wedding bands. When Celen and I chose our wedding bands we decided to opt out of engraving them. This is why we were one hundred percent sure that we wanted the VOW to be engraved so we would get that experience. We wanted each color to represent a different commitment. We also thought of having the yoyos be engraved with individual concepts. For the black electroplated yoyo, we went with “‘til death do us part”. This seemed like the easiest one to assign since the phrase itself combines the dark nature of death with an utter expression of love. For the raw yoyos, we chose “not perfect, just raw”. This seemed appropriate because we think that when you commit to someone or something, you hope that you are being accepted for who you are, which is not always so perfect. The rose gold electroplated yoyo was engraved with “love at first sight”. This yoyo is so beautiful that we could not have thought of a better engraving to go with it. It is meant to represent the flirtiness of love and commitment. The artwork is particularly interesting because in a way, it also alerts the viewers of the dangers that looks-rooted commitment entails. Lastly, the gold electroplated yoyo was engraved “gold digger”. The gold yoyo’s concept speaks of a rather humorous truth that commonly revolved around commitment.

We hope you guys enjoy this run. It has taken us a very long time to develop the VOW and bring it to life. This time has allowed us to work hard on making it as perfect as we could. This run is our most limited run yet; thank you for all your support.

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Weight41 g
Dimensions3 × 3 × 3 in
The VOW Yoyo Color

Raw (Polished) The VOW Yoyo, Raw (Unpolished) The VOW Yoyo, Gold Digger The VOW Yoyo

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