nextgen goblin complete cushion sweets homegrown kendama
nextgen fuchsia flash stripe cushion sweets homegrown kendama
NextGen fuchsia flash complete cushion sweets homegrown kendama
nextgen fruit punch complete cushion sweets homegrown kendama

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LearnKendama.com Sweets Homegrown Kendama Review

The Sweets Homegrown kendama is currently our number one premium kendama recommendation. For any player looking to get a classic kendama feel combined with the best innovations, this is the right kendama.

The Sweets Homegrown kendama is locally made in the US from premium woods by master craftsmen. The homegrown features a horizontal stripe that makes it easy to track the hole of the tama, increasing accuracy with spike tricks.

The string on the ken is slightly offset, an ideal adjustment that makes pulling up the ken and performing tricks like One Ups, Lunars, and Border Balance more precise and consistent. The finish of the wood makes this kendama great for steady balance tricks and provides enough slick movement to allow for fine tuned adjustments.

We feel that the Sweets Homegrown kendama takes the best that kendama has to offer and packages it together with a classic, natural kendama made from premium hardwoods.

Manufacturer's Description of The Sweets Homegrown Kendama

The “Homegrown” line of Kendamas from Sweets Kendamas. Homegrown Kendamas are made locally in our home state of Minnesota by expert wood craftsmen. We work with the manufacturer closely to ensure that we bring to market the highest quality Kendama possible. The Homegrown has been a hands-down favorite of the entire Sweets team since we began testing them.

Every Homegrown Kendama comes in premium Homegrown packaging.

Comes with an extra string and bead.

Additional information

Weight275 g
Dimensions8 × 3 × 2.5 in
Sweets HomeGrown Colors

PurpleHeart Stripe Cushion, Padauk Stripe Cushion, Walnut Stripe Cushion, Grapevine Complete Cushion, Mint Berry Crunch Complete Cushion, Mint Berry Crunch Stripe Cushion, NextGen Goblin Complete Cushion, NextGen Fuchsia Flash Stripe Cushion, NextGen Fuchsia Flash Complete Cushion, NextGen Fruit Punch Complete Cushion

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