Space Cowboy Yoyo

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white highendstring 25
white highendstring 100
yellow highendstring 5
yellow highendstring 25
yellow highendstring 100
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blue highendstring 25
blue highendstring 100
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orange highendstring 25
orange highendstring 100
green highendstring 5
green highendstring 25
green highendstring 100

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What Should I Get Instead?

iYoyo Steel Players Pack

The Space Cowboy is no longer in production. If you're looking for a long spinning bimetal yoyo, check out the iYoYo Steel Players Pack

The Space Cowboy Yoyo 5A Pro Pack comes packed with everything you need to turn your Space Cowboy into a yoyo trick juggernaut. To start we have included a Dif-e-Yo Konkave bearing to keep the string perfectly centered during difficult tricks. Add to that Thin Yoyo Lube to keep the bearing playing perfectly, and our most recommended string, HighEndString, and you have a perfect storm for mastering and executing amazing tricks. Counterweights have been added to this pack to allow for freehand style play (5a), a style for which the Space Cowboy is perfectly suited, as its 2014 national yoyo contest 5a win demonstrates.

The Space Cowboy Yoyo 5a Pro Pack includes:

  • The Space Cowboy Yoyo – The ideal yoyo for learning the broadest range of 1a and 5a style tricks.
  • A KonKave bearing – upgrade the bearing that comes in the Space Cowboy Yoyo to get that extra edge for difficult yoyo tricks.
  • Thin Yoyo Lube – Extends the life any yoyo bearing, keeping it playing perfect without breaking down.
  • Yoyo Multitool (not pictured) – Cuts string and helps remove bearings during maintenance.
  • 25 HighEndStrings – Our own high quality string, built for durability and performance.
  • Duncan Counterweights – Put a counterweight on the end of your string to turn the Space Cowboy Yoyo into the ultimate freehand style yoyo.

A great deal, a $161.46 value for $149.99.

Additional information

Weight 235 g
Dimensions 4 × 2.5 × 5 in

Space Cowboy Yoyo

Space Cowboy Yoyo

Any Color Space Cowboy Yoyo – Surprise Me!

YoYoTricks.com HighEndString

String Thickness

Regular, Thick


5 White HighEndStrings, 25 White HighEndStrings, 100 White HighEndStrings, 5 Yellow HighEndStrings, 25 Yellow HighEndStrings, 100 Yellow HighEndStrings, 5 Blue HighEndStrings, 25 Blue HighEndStrings, 100 Blue HighEndStrings, 5 Orange HighEndStrings, 25 Orange HighEndStrings, 100 Orange HighEndStrings, 5 Green HighEndStrings, 25 Green HighEndStrings, 100 Green HighEndString

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