Blue Shortcut Yoyo
Ocean Coral Acidwash-Shortcut-1
Blue Green Acidwash-Shortcut-1
Half Green Half Black-Shortcut-2
Moonrock White Shortcut-1
Multiple Acidwash Shortcut Yoyo

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Manufacturer's Description of The Shortcut Yoyo

After experimenting with new materials and the pinnacle of manufacturing with the Mg cloudstrike and Tiss hummingbird. We are going back to earth with a budget yoyo offering. We want to bring the same yoyofriends quality and performance to everyone.
Shortcut is a yoyo that is great for any level of play. Plenty of power for learning new tricks and combos. Fun and floaty for more advanced player perfecting their craft. Stability that can handle any type of horizontals. Shortcut is meant to be played by everyone.
Usually yoyofriends have less cuts and simplistic lines, however we challenged ourselves this time to have multiple cuts on the yoyo design. This brings out a new kind of aesthetic in our lineup.
We named the yoyo shortcut because we believe this yoyo is a shortcut to a higher level of yoyoing for people due to its price, performance and good old fashioned yoyofriends quality. A perfect path to our higher end offerings and showcase what yoyofriends are capable of to all players.

Additional information

Weight 91 g
Dimensions 2.25 × 2.25 × 2.5 in
Shortcut Yoyo Colors

Blue Shortcut Yoyo, Ocean Coral Acidwash Shortcut Yoyo, Sky Blue Dark Blue Green Acidwash Shortcut Yoyo, Half Green Half Black Shortcut Yoyo, Moonrock Shortcut Yoyo, Multiple Acidwash Shortcut Yoyo

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