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YoYoTricks.com Sage and Oracle – Yoyo Counterweight and Wargaming Dice Set Review

Baron of Dice is a popular wargaming custom dice company. In early 2022, they reached out to us to inquire about potential cross over content posting. Needless to say, we were impressed with the designs and quality of their dice production and thought why not start by having them produce a custom counterweight just for us?

We wanted this dice set to do two things, appeal to people that love wargaming and appeal to our fans. For the design, we chose colors that represent our brand and have been seen popular YoTricks edition yoyo colorways. For the engraving, we chose two of our most iconic, fantasy characters (who we also feel fit into the world of wargaming) from two of our most popular yoyos: The Sage and The Oracle.

The Sage is a 22mm die with rounded edges, perfectly fit traditional 5A play. The Oracle is 14mm die with rounded ages, that pairs perfectly with mini yoyos like the Mini Panzer.

And finally, together these two counterweights are perfect for experimenting with Double Dice 5A tricks!

Manufacturer's Description of The Sage and Oracle – Yoyo Counterweight and Wargaming Dice Set

The best question out there. Why us? Our dice are simply better. We use premium resin to start, add colored dye and hand mix each color to our desired result. Carefully swirl 2, 3, even 4 colors together inside a silicone mold, laser engrave a wicked symbol, inlay each side of the die and onto the final polish! There are no imperfections in our dice sold, there are no balancing issues, no micro-bubble problems. This is the difference between mass produced acrylic dice where machines are producing tens of thousands of dice each month vs a hand mixed resin product. Every step of production there are eyes on the product. Don’t let us be the only ones to tell you, check out the reviews!

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