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Raiser Yoyo

topyo raiser dark blue yoyo
topyo raiser dark blue yoyo
Clear Pack #4


Blue YYF 19mm Slim Pads – optional


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The TopYo Raiser Yoyo Players Pack comes with handy accessories to help you get the most our of your Raiser Yoyo. Included in the pack is a bottle of Yotricks thin lube, a 10 pack of Kitty String, and a YYF Multitool.

The TopYo Raiser Yoyo Players Pack includes:

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Raiser Yoyo

Raiser Yoyo Color

Any Color Raiser Yoyo – Surprise Me!, Blue Raiser Yoyo, Silver Raiser Yoyo, Pink/Black/Silver Splash Raiser Yoyo (Add $5) Pack #4

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White Pack, Green Pack, Yellow Pack, Red Pack, Black Pack