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YoYoTricks.com Prestige White Yoyo String (5 Pack) Review

Prestige White is a white, hybrid polyester and nylon blend string that comes in packs of 5 strings. Prestige White is a thick string with a soft polyester and soft nylon blend that is 49″ unstretched or 53″ stretched.

Manufacturer's Description of The Prestige White Yoyo String (5 Pack)

*Hybrid Poly/Nylon Blend
*Available in boutique 5-packs

This is a premium polyester/nylon blend unlike anything you’ve seen from us before.

When we started discussing signature blends with Nate Martsolf, he described his ideal string as being laid back, smooth, and having that “worn in feel,” right from the jump. I feel we’ve done exactly that!

Prestige is a product of our tireless research and experimentation – reaching for the perfect white poly string (dating way before we even slapped hands with Nate). Simultaneously, we were equally committed to finding the most premium nylon materials and best string making technique for producing a unique blend for G Squared Yoyos (Nate’s yoyo sponsor) and for our own Executive Class nylon blend.

When you play Prestige you can truly feel both of these ground breaking ventures coming together – like magic! This string is literally a hybrid of the 2 projects combined.

This one is uber soft, right from the start, leans on the thicker side, and performs so smoothly. Slacks and suicides are wide open and hold amazing shape, and the whip action is very solid and predictable.

If you know Nate, then you know he shares our same love for G Squares Yoyos, and black yoyos with white strings. It was a no-brainer for us to create the best performing, most beautiful white string we could make!

Additional information

Weight 8 g
Dimensions 3 × 2.25 × .25 in

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