nd yoyo aqua
nd yoyo aqua
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Response Pads

Yoyo Weight and Specifications

Specs for the ND Yoyo

  • Weight
    64.9 grams
  • Diameter
  • Width
  • Finish

YoYoTricks.com ND Yoyo Review

The YoYoFactory ND Yoyo is Nate Dailey’s new budget metal yoyo. The ND Yoyo has an incredible angle of first contact, making the ND an incredible horizontal trick performing machine.

The magic of the ND is contained in its profile. Right off of the response pads, the concave profile sweeps as far away from the center of the yoyo as possible before ascending upward to form two thick, beefy rims. This concave shape gives the ND Yoyo impressively long spin times, stability, and horizontal trick performance.

The inner cup of the ND is not only aesthetically pleasing with it’s super eye catching, slightly reflective surface finish, but it also functions as an excellent finger spin cup. Your finger won’t rest in the center for super long finger spins, but the large cup is incredibly easier to land your finger into, and a small area around the center of the yoyo perfectly cradles your finger for lots of control.

If you’re looking for a serious modern competition yoyo on a budget, look no further than the YoYoFactory ND Yoyo.

The ND is also available with discounted accessories here.

Additional information

ND Yoyo Color

Any Color ND Yoyo – Surprise Me!, Aqua ND Yoyo, Aqua Pink Fade ND Yoyo (Add $5), Black Silver Fade ND Yoyo (Add $5), Blue Silver Fade Red Splash ND Yoyo (Add $5)

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