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The Sage Yoyo

The Luminator, which is featured in many of our videos but is no longer being made, was an inexpensive but reliable yoyo, great for learning the basics. However, since its release, yoyo design has improved greatly.

The Sage is the yoyo we built to replace the Luminator. It sleeps longer, plays better, and we have already used it in our videos to teach dozens of tricks. It is a huge improvement over the Luminator, and we are sure you will love it.

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YoYoTricks.com Luminator Yoyo Review

We believe the Luminator yoyo by Peter Fish is one of the best and most affordable yoyos that can take you from beginner to advanced tricks. The yoyo has a great shape that feels good hold and throw. To help you get started we’ve created the Luminator Basic Kit and the Luminator Advanced Kit to help you get the Luminator working perfect! When you’re ready for even more advanced tricks, we recommend modding the luminator to be unresponsive.

Manufacturer's Description of The Luminator Yoyo

The ball bearing Luminator yoyo is the ultimate in yoyo design and performance.

Its wide V shape and ball bearing axle guarantee extra long spins, making the Luminator the perfect tool to master advanced string tricks. It’s equipped with an EVA petal pad return system for an ultra smooth ride.

The Luminator is the champions choice in the range of Peter Fish yoyos.

Additional information

Weight 66 g
Dimensions N/A
Luminator Colors

Any Color – Surprise Me!, Red, Blue, Green, Amber

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    Sage Yoyo

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