galaxy loop 2020 yoyo yoyofactory
galaxy loop 2020 yoyo yoyofactory
orange loop 2020 yoyo yoyofactory
clear white cap loop 2020 yoyo yoyofactory

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Yoyo Pack


YoYoTricks.com Loop 2020 Yoyo Review

The YoYoFactory Loop 2020 Yoyo is the ultimate looping yoyo! The Loop 2020 can be endlessly customized and fine tuned with many different accessory kits.

The Loop 2020 comes with the standard #2 kit installed. With the #2 kit, the Loop 2020 will work well with standard polyester string.


Additional information

Weight100 g
Dimensions2 × 2 × 4 in
Loop 2020 Yoyo Color

Any Color Loop 2020 Yoyo – Surprise Me!, Galaxy Loop 2020 Yoyo, Orange Loop 2020 Yoyo, Clear White Cap Loop 2020 Yoyo, Loop 2020 Kit #1, Loop 2020 Kit #2, Loop 2020 Kit #3, Rayon Vert Loop 2020 Body (2), Rayon Vert Loop 2020 Cap (2), Pink Loop 2020 Cap (2), LED Loop 2020 Cap (2)

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