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The LK Ninja

The LK Nina Split is the successor to the LK Standard. Same great kendama, but with an improved look and lower cost!

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YoYoTricks.com LK Standard Kendama Review

Featured in our videos, the LK Standard Kendama is an all around great playing kendama sporting a striped tama and a stunning logo imprint. It is our number one recommended kendama for new kendama players. Unlike some of our other kendamas that are oversized or feature oversized cups, the LK Standard is a regular sized kendama with standard cup sizes giving players that authentic kendama feel.

The LK Standard Kendama is built with both beginners and advanced players in mind. The tama features a rubberized sticky paint that makes learning all the cup tricks easier, as well as difficult balancing tricks, like Bird. The tama has also been painted with a single equatorial stripe that makes it easy to know where the hole of the tama is at any given time, increasing accuracy with spike tricks.

The LK Standard also ships with an extra string and bead to ensure that it has everything you need to get plenty of play and fun out of it! Combine this with the fact that it is perfectly balanced, the LK Standard Kendama is a clear choice for beginners and advanced players alike.

Additional information

Weight 170 g
Dimensions 7 × 2.75 × 2.75 in
LK Standard Kendama Colors

Any Color LK Standard Kendama – Surprise Me!, Blue with Green Stripe LK Standard Kendama, Red with Black Stripe LK Standard Kendama, Black with Yellow Stripe LK Standard Kendama

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