LK Standard Kendama


Catchy Kendama Clip


Replacement Kendama String


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The Lk Standard Kendama Players Pack includes the same kendama we use in our tutorial videos. Also included in the pack is the Catchy Clip, a convenient and secure belt clip for standard sized Kendamas. Our own Spike Armor protects the tip of the Ken, allowing it to last for much longer. Finally, three replacement kendamas strings have been included to keep your kendama playing as it should.

Included in the Lk Standard Kendama Players Pack:

A good deal. $33.96 worth of product for only $29.99.

Additional information

Weight190 g
Dimensions7.375 × 3 × 3 in

LK Standard Kendama

LK Standard Kendama Colors

Any Color LK Standard Kendama – Surprise Me!, Blue with Green Stripe LK Standard Kendama, Red with Black Stripe LK Standard Kendama, Black with Yellow Stripe LK Standard Kendama

Catchy Kendama Clip

Catchy Kendama Clip Colors

Any Color Catchy Kendama Clip – Surprise Me!, Red Catchy Kendama Clip, Black Catchy Kendama Clip, Clear Catchy Kendama Clip

Replacement Kendama String

Replacement Kendama String Colors

Any Color Replacement Kendama String – Surprise Me!, Rainbow Replacement Kendama String, Blue/Orange/Green Replacement Kendama String, Red/Black/Pink Replacement Kendama String

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