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YoYoTricks.com LK Natural Kendama Review

We wanted to make getting started with kendama more affordable, but we didn’t want to compromise on quality. That’s why we have worked hard to bring to market the LK Natural Kendama.

The LK Natural Kendama has the same classic kendama shape and feel that the LK Standard Kendama features. The LK Natural, however, does not feature a rubberized paint on the tama, or any paint at all. It is a completely natural tama, making it even closer to the classic kendama feel.

Typically, natural kendama are not recommended for beginners because it is difficult to learn balance tricks, like Lighthouse and Lunar, on them. With the LK Natural, this is not the case. Although it does not feature a tacky or rubberized paint to make learning balance tricks easier, the quality of the kendama is good enough that even beginners can learn and master their balance tricks.

We worked hard to bring to market and affordable kendama that didn’t compromise on quality. We feel that the LK Natural exceeds our expectations.

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Weight 140 g
Dimensions 7.375 × 3 × 2 in

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