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Yoyo Weight and Specifications

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Manufacturer's Description of The La’Grange Mini Titanium Yoyo

In the celestial mechanics Lagrange points are desirable places of stability that exist between two large orbiting bodies, you, the universe and your yoyo, take a moment to just be a wonderful part of it with the Lagrange!

The Lagrange is the second in our line of high performance mini modular yoyos and the follow up to our H thoroughbred “The Bangarang”, designed with a little more gusto to bring that nice organic feel into the mini of your dreams. Built from the ground up utilizing titanium to allow our niche designs with no comparison, but beyond any other conception of the yoyo being the brainchild of a fighter jet and a swiss army knife. Hardened, no frills fully capable pocket beasts that use aerodynamics to make up for their weight in very interesting ways while being fully capable competition platforms. Whether you want to take it and go, put on a show or just relax and slip away into the universe the Lagrange has you covered. With 3 play options out of the box and expandable to a full size throw with any of our available rim kits. Beyond just a gimmick they are truly a paradox, and that’s before the ano work that we do 100% in house. The cores have been designed to be both beyond extremely playable and still weighted properly for looping turnovers and full size without feeling heavy. The modular aspect not only allows them to step up to the stage but gives you a layer of armor to take the risks with your prized throws and not have to worry about damage or one hit wobblers of other designs, this is titanium with a purpose. We only run our designs in batches of 100’s so when they are gone they are gone, though each new design will work with the same modular accessories as the last. Less than 100 will be in the wild.

*works best with thin string but regular is fine as well. Thick string is recommended for responsive / looping play with the narrow bearing or blank that are included.

specs – 40g, A spec bearing, 25.5mm width, 35.7mm diameter, 3.95mm gap with wide A bearing, 2.95 with narrow and fixed A spec
with optional delrin comp rim – 63g, 53mm diameter, 42.5mm width
with optional delrin loop / 0a rim – 59g, 52mm diameter, 26mm width

Additional information

Weight 83 g
Dimensions 3 × 2 × 2 in
LaGrange Mini Titanium Yoyo Colors

Disco Lemonfade LaGrange Mini Titanium Yoyo, Flamingo Fade LaGrange Mini Titanium Yoyo, Misty Rainbow LaGrange Mini Titanium Yoyo

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