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LearnKendama.com Kaizen Silk Kendama Review

The Kaizen kendama is so named because it is all about the constant improvement of the production of kendamas. We feel that Kendama USA has truly put this philosophy into practice with the Kaizen kendama models.

Right from the get go, you will love playing with the Kaizen kendama. The ken is solid and durable, having the feel of a premium ken. You can tell that quality wood was selected.

The Silk model of the Kaizen kendama is particularly nice. It features the Kendama USA silk paint that gives the tama a nice, silky feel and provides just the right amount of extra grip to make balancing treats easy to do. The silk paint is also durable, allowing the Kaizen Silk Kendama to last through numerous practice sessions.

This kendama has some weight to it, but the weight is so well distributed and balanced that the added weight can quickly become an asset to any player. Overall, we feel that the Kaizen Silk Kendama is a great kendama and is a perfect kendama for any player looking to start branching into premium products.

Manufacturer's Description of The Kaizen Silk Kendama

KAIZEN is the Japanese philosophy of constant improvement. We’ve applied this concept to our production process, aiming to improve every product that we put our name on. Each part of the Kaizen Kendama has been meticulously thought out by the Kendama USA team, making enhancements with the future of Kendama play in mind. The result is an affordable, premium Kendama specially crafted for the serious enthusiast.

The Kaizen Kendama features a 3 piece construction with traditional Japanese style handle assembly. We have updated the Ken shape for precision balance, and the tama bevel has been widened for enhanced play. We’re also excited about our refined silk paint, which adds extra durability and grip. We’ve intentionally set our starting spike length shorter out of the box. This allows the sarado to settle over time, eventually bringing the spike into an ideal length after a few sessions without going past the “point of no return.”

Additional information

Weight275 g
Dimensions9.25 × 2.75 × 3 in
Kaizen Silk Kendama Colors

Any Color Kaizen Silk Kendama – Surprise Me!, Merlot – Kaizen Silk Kendama, Burnt Orange – Kaizen Silk Kendama, Ghost Kaizen Silk Kendama, Turquoise Kaizen Silk Kendama, Pastel Blue Kaizen Silk Kendama, Black Kaizen Silk Kendama, Pink Kaizen Silk Kendama

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