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Yoyo Weight and Specifications

Specs for the iYoYo Steel Yoyo

  • Weight
    67.35 grams
  • Diameter
  • Width
  • Finish
    Blasted or raw iYoYo Steel Yoyo Review

The iYoYo Steel Yoyo is one of the most well conceived and perfectly executed yoyos we have ever encountered… ever. The anodizing and bi-metal look of this yoyo is exquisite, the shape is comfortable to hold, the weight distribution is ideal for extreme play, and it features a unique finger-spin zone in the cup for extended horizontal finger-spin tricks that seem like they could go on forever. This is a yoyo designed for competitive play, and it looks good besides.

The Steel Yoyo starts with a design that is somewhere between a standard star shape, and a more rim-weighted h-shape. Add to this the stainless steel rims, and you have a yoyo that is both extremely rim-weighted and powerful, yet comfortable to hold and throw. It also has a step off the response pads, ensuring even more weight is pushed away from the center of the yoyo. All of this comes together in a design that is easy to control, fast, and powerful.

Perhaps the most intriguing part of the iYoYo Steel Yoyo is the finger-spin zone in the center of the cup. While some skill is still required to get your finger perfectly centered in this zone, as soon as your finger is centered the yoyo takes over and allows for finger spins to last well beyond what can be achieved with most yoyos. In our testing we were able to achieve finger spins that lasted over a minute with relative ease.

The iYoYo Steel Yoyo is a fully realized design; iYoYo knew what they were looking for and they kept at it until the yoyo was right. It is rare for any yoyo to impress us the way the Steel Yoyo has, and we are thrilled to make it available to you.

Manufacturer's Description of The iYoYo Steel Yoyo

The Steel is our top-of-of-line product, featuring a sandblasted aluminum body with polished stainless steel rims, a DS style bearing and our popular finger-spin zone. The yoyo was influenced by models I personally enjoy so much as well as what modern contest play needs. The feedback we got for this yo-yo at EYYC was nothing short of amazing, and everything I could have hoped for.

It comes in a cool see-through tin box, which is also great for transporting your iYoYo Steel anywhere!

Additional information

Weight87 g
Dimensions2.25 × 2.25 × 3 in
iYoyo Steel Yoyo Colors

Any Color iYoyo Steel Yoyo – Surprise Me!, Galaxy iYoyo Steel Yoyo – adds $10, Pink Gray Slash iYoyo Steel Yoyo – adds $10, Red White Blue Splash iYoyo Steel Yoyo – adds $10, Galaxy No Engraving iYoyo Steel Yoyo – adds $10, Gold iYoyo Steel Yoyo, Silver iYoyo Steel Yoyo, Pink iYoyo Steel Yoyo, Raw iYoyo Steel Yoyo, Teal iYoyo Steel Yoyo, Dark Gray iYoyo Steel Yoyo, Teal with Gold Rims iYoyo Steel Yoyo – Adds $10, Germany Edition iYoyo Steel Gold Rings – Adds $20, Black Blue Silver Splash iYoyo Steel Yoyo – Adds $10, Red with Gold Rims iYoyo Steel Yoyo – Adds $10, Germany with Silver Rims – Adds $10, Red with Silver Rims iYoyo Steel Yoyo

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