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iPPON Yoyo

clear blue ring ippon yoyo iyoyo
red silver ring ippon yoyo iyoyo
blue black ring ippon yoyo iyoyo
Clear Pack #4


Blue YYF 19mm Slim Pads – optional


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The iYoYo iPPON Yoyo Players Pack includes our favorite accessories for the iPPON Yoyo. The pack comes with a the iPPON yoyo, a plastic / stainless steel super high performance yoyo. Also included is a bottle of Yotricks Thin Lube to help maintain the iPPON’s bearing, plus a YYF Multitool for removing bearings and axles and cutting strings, and a 10 pack of Kitty String, our favorite string for the iPPON yoyo.

Included in the iPPON Yoyo Players Pack:

  • iPPON Yoyo: A polycarbonate / stainless steel competition grade yoyo
  • Thin Lube: Used to help protect your bearings over both the short and long term
  • YYF Multitool: Removes bearings, removes axles, and cuts string. Handy!
  • 10 Kitty Strings: World famous high performance yoyo string

A good deal. $75.47 worth of product for $69.99.

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Weight150 g
Dimensions4 x 4 x 3 in

iPPON Yoyo

iPPON yoyo color

Clear Blue Ring iPPON Yoyo, Clear Rainbow rings iPPON Yoyo (Add $5), Clear Black Rings iPPON Yoyo, Red Silver Rings iPPON Yoyo, Blue Black Rings iPPON Yoyo Pack #4

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White Pack, Green Pack, Yellow Pack, Red Pack, Black Pack

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