Blue Purple Fade with Rainbow Rings Hummingbird Yoyo
Dark purple with black rings humming bird yoyo
brown with silver rings hummingbird yoyo
silver with gold rings hummingbird yoyo
Hummingbird Green+with Black Rings-1
Hummingbird Konkikyo with Copper rings-1
Hummingbird Pink with Rosegold Rings-1
Hummingbird Imperial green with Brass Rings-1
Hummingbird YellowGreen Fade with Rainbow Rings-1
Hummingbird- Turquoise with SS Rings-1
Hummingbird-Moonrock White with Black Rings-1
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Yoyo Weight and Specifications

  • Response Type
  • Weight
  • Diameter
  • Width
  • Gap Width

Manufacturer's Description of The Hummingbird Yoyo

Here at Yoyofriends we constantly challenge ourselves to make yo-yos that are at the technological forefront. We constantly strive to make the most premium and competition ready yo-yos.

Where better to start than our first release, the Hummingbird? The Hummingbird is a bird that has lightning fast speeds; a unique hum when it flaps its wings, not dissimilar to a spinning yo-yo; and the special ability to conserve its energy to travel and migrate across vast distances. We named the yo-yo after the Hummingbird as we were inspired by the bird’s extraordinary characteristics. Since its release, the Hummingbird has been lauded as one of the best bimetals ever made due to its jet-fast play akin to a Hummingbird travelling across the Gulf, easy maneuverability like a hovering Hummingbird and beautiful aesthetic (our red version with stainless steel rims is inspired by the gorgeous Ruby-throated Hummingbird).

Additional information

Weight 130 g
Dimensions 3.5 × 3.5 × 2.5 in
Hummingbird Yoyo Color

Blue Purple Fade with Rainbow Rings Hummingbird Yoyo, Dark Purple with Black Rings Hummingbird Yoyo, Brown with Silver Rings Hummingbird Yoyo, Silver with Gold Rings Hummingbird Yoyo, Green with Black Rings Hummingbird Yoyo, Konkikyo with Copper Rings Hummingbird Yoyo, Pink with Rosegold Rings Hummingbird Yoyo, Imperial Green with Brass Rings Hummingbird Yoyo, Yellow Green Fade with Rainbow Rings Hummingbird Yoyo, Turquoise with SS Rings Hummingbird Yoyo, Moonrock Hummingbird Yoyo

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