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LearnKendama.com F3 Solid Kendama Review

The F3 is our favorite mid-range kendama. F3 specifically refers the shape of the ken. The sis the third version of this ken that Sweets has put out and we think they have outdone themselves.

The F3 ken has a great weight and feel to it. What really sets it apart is the slightly offset whole for the string. At first this may appear to be a manufacturing flaw, but it actually a very intentional change to the ken. The offset string allows for more precise and consistent pull ups when performing tricks Airplane, Lunar, and One Ups.

The F3 Solid Kendama offers a pleasant glossy finish with just the right amount of tacky feel.

If you are in the market for a mid range kendama or are interested in perfecting your pull up tricks, we highly recommend the Sweets F3 Kendama.

Manufacturer's Description of The F3 Solid Kendama

The F3 Solid features our new F3 ken paired with a factory-painted solid color tama. Our factory paint formula has undergone some major improvements resulting in a glossy, but pleasantly tacky finish – ideal for tama balance tricks. We believe it has just the right slip/stick ratio, allowing for balance adjustments to be made while still holding steady.

Every F3 comes boxed with an instructional pamphlet, an extra string and bead, and stickers.

Additional information

Weight230 g
Dimensions2.5 × 3 × 7.5 in
F3 Solid Kendama Colors

Any Color F3 Solid Kendama – Surprise Me!, Gold F3 Solid Kendama, Blue F3 Solid Kendama, Green F3 Solid Kendama, Gold Cushion F3 Solid Kendama, Green Cushion F3 Solid Kendama, Yellow Cushion F3 Solid Kendama

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