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YoYoTricks.com Executive Class Lite Yoyo Strings (3 Pack) Review

Executive Class Lite is a premium string blend from ZipLine Strings that features a smooth nylon with a soft polyester core blend. This white, boutique string blend is available in packs of 3 strings.

The string has a regular thickness, smooth feel, and is 47″ unstretched / unlooped.

Manufacturer's Description of The Executive Class Lite Yoyo Strings (3 Pack)

*Premium Nylon/Poly blend
*Available in boutique 3-packs

lite (/līt/) adjective
1. relating to low-fat or low-sugar versions of manufactured food or drink products.
In this case we’re referring to our newest version of Executive Class, which has been newly updated with a modified 2-stage twist. We’ve also replaced our poly core thread with a reduced amount of a softer, less ridged polyester. This allows for a smoother, more luxurious throwing sensation.

Welcome to *Executive Class*, one of our latest formulas where our premium nylon is the star of the show, and we’ve worked harder than ever to get this absolutely perfect. This in an interesting blend like no other. It’s slick, smooth, and can have a dangerously fast whip speed if you push it hard. We compare Executive Class to pairing a premium audio cable with an expensive boutique microphone. It’s impossible to capture all the subtle nuances or the full frequency spectrum of that beautiful mic with a cheapo, generic, lo-grade cable. Let’s say you just bought a brand new $60+ “craft yoyo,” why wouldn’t you want to try a string that helps enhance that premium yoyo experience? We promise you’ll remember that “first throw” experience for ever 😉

Additional information

Weight 5 g
Dimensions 2.75 × 2 × .25 in

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