hot pink daredevil yoyo
Purple daredevil yoyo
Blue Daredevil yoyo
Turquoise Daredevil
Silver Daredevil
DareDevil Yoyo Orange and Blue
Turquoise Blue half swap dare devil yoyo
blood sport daredevil yoyo
Copper (orange red fade) daredevil yoyo
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Manufacturer's Description of The Daredevil Yoyo

The Daredevil is a slightly undersized throw that delivers a full-sized performance. Designed in collaboration with Anomaly, it’s ready to take whatever you can throw at it. Light enough to use comfortably in long play sessions with enough power to get the job done. Dare to do something different.

Additional information

Weight42 g
Dimensions4 × 4 × 2 in
Daredevil Yoyo Color

Hot Pink Daredevil Yoyo, Purple Daredevil Yoyo, Blue Daredevil Yoyo, Turquoise Daredevil Yoyo, Silver Daredevil Yoyo, Blue/Orange Half Swap Daredevil Yoyo, Pink/Turquoise Half Swap Daredevil Yoyo, Blue/Pink Half Swap Daredevil Yoyo, Turquoise/Blue Half Swap Daredevil Yoyo, Blood Sport (Red/Black Splash) Daredevil Yoyo, Copper (Orange/Red Fade) Daredevil Yoyo

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