black blue classic pro yoyo yoyojam
black blue classic pro yoyo yoyojam

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Yoyo Weight and Specifications

Specs for the Classic Pro Yoyo

  • Weight
    65.10 grams
  • Diameter
  • Width

YoYoTricks.com Classic Pro Yoyo Review

The YoYoJam Classic Pro Yoyo is our own upgraded version of the Classic yoyo, setup the way yoyoers have always wanted. While the Classic yoyo has always been a great yoyo for players getting into unresponsive play, we consider the Classic Pro yoyo to be the perfection of this model, setup with a better bearing and response pads – all for less than the cost of buying the yoyo and parts separately.

Released in 2012, the Classic’s low price and versatility convinced many experienced yoyo players that the Classic yoyo is the number one starting point for those wishing to learn unresponsive yoyo tricks – with one caveat – extra parts must be purchased separately first in order to modify the yoyo.

Listening to the worldwide yoyo community, and always striving for excellence, we at YoYoTricks.com decided to sell the Classic yoyo already upgraded for the best possible unresponsive experience. No extra parts to buy, no needing to open up the yoyo and swap out pieces; The Classic Pro yoyo comes exactly as it should.

The Classic Pro yoyo features a unique two plastic design, setting it apart from all other plastic yoyos we carry. With a lighter polycarbonate body and denser Celcon caps, the Classic yoyo offers a distinct, easy-to-use, and beginner friendly experience. Light on the string with a long, stable spin, the Classic Pro yoyo is a real performer.

To get the most out of the Classic Pro yoyo, we highly recommend the Classic Pro Yoyo Pack, which includes Yotricks Thin Lube and a Multitool for maintenance, as well as high-quality replacement string.


Manufacturer's Description of The Classic Pro Yoyo

YoYoJam has been designing modern ball bearing yo-yos for over twelve years! Every year the modern day yo-yo continues to evolve and, always at the forefront of innovation, YoYoJam has just redefined the beginner to intermediate yo-yo. We introduce you to the beginner yo-yo for today’s modern player. This is the CLASSIC.

A beginners yo-yo seems like a simple thing to design but the Classic is a huge achievement. The shape is large and comfortable yet angular and rim weighted. For a solid plastic yo-yo, the Classic has more rim weight then most and thanks to the secondary plastic cap the yo-yo has a solid weighted spin and incredible feel on the string. All of these are extremely important in getting long stable spin time when first starting out!

The Classic was also designed with the price conscious beginner and intermediate player in mind and YoYoJam challenges you to find a yo-yo of this quality and performance at this price. Molded from the finest materials right here in the USA, YoYoJam and the Classic are ready to help you have fun and learn fast!


Additional information

Weight80 g
Dimensions2.5 × 2.5 × 1.75 in
Classic Pro Yoyo Color

Any Color Classic Pro Yoyo – Surprise Me!, Black and Blue Classic Pro Yoyo, Red and Blue Classic Pro Yoyo, Black and Red Classic Pro Yoyo

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