Catchy Air Kendama Green Black
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YoYoTricks.com Catchy Air Kendama Review

The Catchy Air Kendama is a great all around kendama and is especially good for young kendama players and beginners.

Featured in our Kickstarter video, the Catchy Air is a plastic kendama that is inexpensive, but surpasses expectations in terms of playability. Its cups have been designed with a rubber inner-ring to cushion the ball (i.e. the tama) when it is caught, making catches surprisingly easy. Its weight profile is also well balanced throughout its Death-Star-esque design making even advanced tricks attainable.

Unlike a conventional wooden kendama, the Catchy Air Kendama is much more durable. Beginners, especially, will find this to their advantage. Since the tama is plastic, rather than painted wood, it doesn’t chip or dent from use or missed Spike Tricks.

The increased durability also makes the Catchy Air Kendama a great choice for families with children who just need to get their hands on whatever big brother, sister, or mom and dad are using.

Manufacturer's Description of The Catchy Air Kendama

This is kendama like it has never been done before – The Catchy Air is possibly the most exciting and revolutionary kendama to hit the market this year. Up until this point, plastic kendamas have been somewhat of a novelty, lacking any real performance. The Catchy Air is designed to look and play different than anything else currently on the market. The unique construction of the Catchy Air provides major benefits over traditional wood kendamas:

  • The injection molded construction offers consistently perfect weight distribution. The weight of the Ken and Tama are consistently within 1 gram of each other’s weight. Target weight is 73.5g for the ken and 73.5g for the tama.
  • Rubberized rings in each of the three cups offer extreme grip, making everything from lighthouse and lunar to basic cup tricks easier to learn and master.
  • The POM plastic used on the Catchy Air will not wear down like a traditional wood kendama. This means that the spike will not dull, the cups will not dull, and the kendama will not age to the point of uselessness.

Additional information

Weight 205 g
Dimensions 9.25 × 5.5 × 3 in
Air Color

Any Air Kendama Color – Surprise Me!, Black-Red Air Kendama, Blue-Green Air Kendama, Gray-Teal Air Kendama, White-Purple Air Kendama, Green-Black Air Kendama, Pink-Gray Air Kendama, Green-Purple Air Kendama, Red-White Air Kendama, Orange-Gray Air Kendama

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