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Flight Yoyo

For beginning offstring players, we now recommend the Flight

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Recommendations for the Big Yo Big Yo Review

We think the BigYo is one of the best beginner offstring yoyos. Its large size makes it easy to throw and catch, making it ideal for players just starting out in the offstring style. Unlike other offstring yoyos, the Big Yo also has an exceptionally large bearing. This slows down the speed of play in general making the basics easier to learn. The Big Yo is also made out of a durable plastic, designed to take plenty of hits on the ground, so there is no need to fear dropping this yoyo as you are working on your offstring skills.

While the Big Yo has plenty of advantages for beginning offstring players, its is not as well suited to the most advanced tricks as other offstring yoyos, like the Flight yoyo. That is not to say that is is not a very capable yoyo. In fact, in 2008, the Big Yo was used to win the World Yoyo Contest for offstring play. That being said, if you feel it is your destiny to become one of the all time great Offstring yoyoers, and you do not feel you need the advantages the Big Yo has to offer beginners, we suggest you skip right to the Flight Yoyo.

Manufacturer's Description of The Big Yo

The BigYo is a very large over-sized yoyo and one of the largest playable professional yoyos made today. With the BigYo’s large size it is great for demonstrating in crowds and grabbing attention. The BigYo is also a popular selection among national and world ranked offstring (4A ) players, making it easy to land back on the string when doing aerial variations.

Additional information

Weight77 g
Dimensions4 × 4 × 2.75 in
Big Yo Colors

Any Color – Surprise Me!, Neon Red, Neon Yellow, Ice Blue, Glow in the Dark, Green Big Yo, Blue Big Yo, Orange Big Yo

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