crimson barbarian yoyo iyoyo
yotricks edition barbarian yoyo iyoyo
crimson barbarian yoyo iyoyo
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Yoyo Weight and Specifications

  • Response Type
  • Weight
    65.7 grams
  • Diameter
  • Width
  • Finish

YoYoTricks.com BARBARiAN Yoyo Review

The iYoyo BARBARiAN Yoyo is our first collaboration with iYoYo! The BARBARiAN is an beautiful, affordable, and high quality 7075 yoyo made for both casual and competitive players.

The most noticeable attribute of the BARBARiAN is its feeling of solidity. The design capitalizes on its 7075 aluminium construction, offering a dense and high quality feeling in the hand, and a firm presence on the string. This isn’t to say the BARBARiAN moves slowly, quite far from it, rather its high quality build is immediately apparent in both the hand and during play.

While performing tricks, the BARBARiAN moves at a moderate to fast pace and has excellent sleep times. The BARBARiAN is wider than most yoyos, which in general increases your consistency on all of your tricks. The very low angle of first contact makes the BARBARiAN a natural choice for performing horizontal tricks, easily staying on plane and resisting tilt even during long horizontal combos. The flat area in the center cup is small enough to enable impossible to miss finger spins, and the perfectly dialed in gap width allows for easy finger spin bind returns.

We couldn’t be happier to work alongside iYoYo to offer the BARBARiAN to our customers. iYoYo is well known for putting out some of the highest quality yoyos in the world, and this yoyo is no exception. Anyone looking for a yoyo of exceptional quality and durability should seriously consider the BARBARiAN.

Additional information

Weight 85 g
Dimensions 3 × 2.5 × 2.5 in
BARBARiAN Yoyo Color

Any Color BARBARiAN Yoyo – Surprise Me!, Yotricks Edition BARBARiAN Yoyo, Crimson BARBARiAN Yoyo, Black Purple Fade BARBARiAN Yoyo, UnKnown Edition BARBARiAN Yoyo

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