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blue yoyofactory alta yoyo

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Yoyo Weight and Specifications

Specs for the ALTA Yoyo

  • Weight
    65.40 grams
  • Diameter
  • Width
  • Finish

The ALTA is a super light and fast feeling yoyo with an incredibly powerful spin. The latest incarnation of one of YoYoFactory’s most popular signature shapes, the ALTA is a top tier competition yoyo.

The most distinct feature of the ALTA are its super wide weight rings that actually extend past the aluminium body. This unusual attachment method gives the ALTA a unique weight distribution, allowing the ALTA to feel exceptionally agile on the string, while also giving you far more spin time than the feeling of lightness would suggest. In this way, using the ALTA is an experience of surprises. Very regularly at the end of combos the ALTA Yoyo comes back to your hand with a thunk after you bind.

With the largest competition team in the world, YoYoFactory knows how to make an excellent competition yoyo. The ALTA is sure to been on stages all of the world by appreciative competitors.

The ALTA is also available with discounted accessories here.

Additional information

Weight80 g
Dimensions2 × 2 × 3 in
ALTA Yoyo Color

Any Color ALTA Yoyo – Surprise Me!, Black Alta Yoyo, Pink Alta Yoyo, Aqua Alta Yoyo

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