1to1 pollock one drop yoyos
1to1 one drop yoyo red
violet 1to1 one drop yoyos
1to1 one drop yoyo green
1to1 one drop yoyos silver
one drop yoyos 1to1 teal
1to1 one drop yoyo black
1to1 one drop yoyo black velvet
1to1 one drop yoyo downbeat
1to1 one drop yoyo plum twilight
1to1 one drop yoyo fade to gray
1to1 pollock one drop yoyos
1to1 one drop yoyo shogun
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Yoyo Weight and Specifications

Specs for the 1to1 yoyo

  • Response Type
  • Base Weight
    63 grams
  • Shipping Weight
    65.5 grams
  • Diameter
  • Width
  • Gap Width
  • Finish
    Pyramatte 1to1 yoyo Review

The One Drop 1to1 yoyo is one of the most unique designs made by the company to date. The 1to1 is a “square” design – the diameter and width are exactly the same!

With a mid size diameter and extra wide width, the 1to1 plays like no other yoyo. With most of its weight placed near the middle of the yoyo, the 1to1 has a distinctly controlled feeling on the string, and makes performing tricks easy. Hop tricks and tricks with difficult catches become considerably easier, and those working on learning horizontal tricks will love practicing with this yoyo.

The 1to1 comes with ultralight side effects installed. Players can choose to swap out the wide effects to change the weight and play of the yoyo.

Manufacturer's Description of The 1to1 yoyo

This project started with a simple concept:  what if we made a yo-yo that had the exact same width and diameter?   A yo-yo that was square in it’s proportions. 53 x 53mm to be exact.

This proportion makes the yo-yo really wide.  On average these days, the width tends to be 70% – 80% of the diameter.  A very average example is the SK at 75%. On the wide side, the Sugar Glider comes in at 84%.  And on the narrow end, the Deep State is 50%.

What is really interesting is that if you just look at the 1to1, the width appears to be a bigger dimension than the diameter.  It’s almost like an optical illusion. Put two of them next to each other, one standing up (see photo), and you can see that those dimensions are exactly the same.

In play, it’s very stable and has a huge catch zone which inspires confidence.    The spin time is surprisingly long. It feels different.

Additional information

Weight100 g
Dimensions2 × 2 × 3 in
1to1 color

Any Color 1to1 Yoyo – Surprise Me!, Red 1to1 Yoyo, Violet 1to1 Yoyo, Green 1to1 Yoyo, Silver 1to1 Yoyo, Teal 1to1 Yoyo, Black 1to1 Yoyo, Black Velvet 1to1 Yoyo (+$20), Downbeat 1to1 Yoyo (+$20), Plum Twilight 1to1 Yoyo (+$20), Fade to Gray 1to1 Yoyo (+$20), Pollock 1to1 Yoyo (+$20), Shogun 1to1 Yoyo (+$20)

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