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Nylon Yoyo Gloves

Nylon Yoyo Gloves offer a huge performance increase over Cotton Yoyo Gloves

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Yoyo players wear 100% Cotton Gloves for a variety of reasons. Most of the time a cotton glove is worn on the opposite hand to protect it from string burns. For 1A and Freehand (5A) play it allows for longer practice sessions as the string will not likely cut the skin on your fingers. For Offstring (4A) play tricks can be done much faster. In addition, some tricks that are impossible otherwise, like offstring grinds, become possible – even easy.

The thin gloves allow for more tactile play, while the thick gloves (pictured) are more conventional, offer greater protection from string burns, and are longer lasting.

The medium sized cotton glove fit most women and children. The large sized cotton gloves fit most men. (If your hands are especially large, the large glove will likely be too small.)

Includes 1 Cotton Glove. Glove fits either hand. Yoyo not included.

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Thin Medium Glove, Thin Large Glove, Thick Medium Glove, Thick Large Glove

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