Roland B.

Name: Roland Bottiglia
YoYoing Since: 1998
Joined The King’s Yomen In: 1998
Favorite Trick: Boingy-Boing

How did you get started yoyoing?
I wanted to start doing shows with The King’s Yomen, and I had a job at the time that required a lot of traveling. In the evenings when I had down time I would practice tricks in the hotel room where I was staying for over two hours a night.

What was the first yoyo you learned with?
My first yoyo was a blue Yomega Fireball and we had switched the bolt and added spacers and a bearing to make it sleep longer. Not long after I started using the SuperYo Typhoon, which was my favorite yoyo for the first few years.

What do you do besides yoyo?
I play indoor soccer once or twice a week, and I run a ministry based dance studio in Highland, MI.

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