Here at we are proud to unveil our newest creation, a brand new site built from the ground up. Our new interface is designed for ever expanding content while keeping a focus on learning tricks. As a part of our new launch we have added several new features to our site.

More Yoyos

While we still love the Luminator and Dominator yoyos, we have significantly expanded our line of yoyos. We have hand picked the best (i.e. our favorite) yoyos from the major U.S. yoyo companies keeping in mind value, performance, and how well they facilitate the learning of new tricks. If you have not tried these yoyos we are confident you will love them as much as we do, and they will certainly take your skills to new heights.

More Trick Styles

With the addition of new yoyos we have been able to expand into different trick styles as well. Most notably 3A Yoyoing, Offstring Yoyoing, and Freehand Yoyoing. We are absolutely excited to bring these tricks to our users. At the same time, we labored greatly over what yoyos to use for each style. We are confident that the new yoyos we use in our videos and recommend to you will be a great asset to you as you seek to master these new skills.

More Accessibility

Along with the release of the new website we are proud to be releasing a new mobile site as well. Just visit on any mobile device and you will experience our new dynamic theme tailored specifically for YoTricks on the go.

More Videos

As a part of our YoTricks relaunch we will be adding new types of videos to the site, including Yoyo Reviews, Yoyo FAQs and more. While we are still in the beginning stages for these videos we are working hard on new videos and are confident these videos will become a favorite for our users.

With such a big launch we are aware that there will be some problems. If you come across any bugs, typos, etc., please feel free to contact us and help us iron things out as we seek to move forward.


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