Take the time to yoyo outsideWith the weather starting to warm up around the country may I encourage you to seize the day, or the daylight at least, and take this opportunity to yo-yo outside. Nice weather is a great time to practice your larger tricks like loops and two-handed tricks without the fear of breaking a TV or one of your mom’s prized antiques.

Of course, even without antiques and TVs yoyoing outside has its own unique challenges. Humidity can make your fingers feel sticky. Cold can make your hands stiff, not to mention the increase in pain if you happen to hit yourself. Rain will force you back inside. This is exactly why as dedicated yo-yoers we need to take every opportunity to utilize nice days to our skills advantage by practicing tricks that can only be attempted in the wild. Leave your picture and string tricks inside and expand your yo-yo horizons. Embrace the wind and discover your inner looper. You might just enjoy yourself.

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