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Learn How to Yoyo from YoYoTricks.com

YoYoTricks.com is designed to give you all the tools you need to learn how to yoyo. On this page we will let you in on:

The Right Yoyos

Beginner How To Yoyos

Yoyos for the Absolute Beginner

Some yoyos are designed for those who have never yoyoed before. These yoyos come with built-in mechanisms to make learning the basics as easy as possible. If you have never thrown a yoyo before, getting a great beginner yoyo is the best place to start.

Starter yoyos to help you learn how to yoyo

Starter Yoyos for Players Ready to Get Serious

If you have thrown a yoyo before with even limited success, a good Starter Yoyo is just what you need to take it to the next level. Our starter yoyos are hand-selected to ensure that they will work well for those who are just starting to learn how to yoyo, but are good enough to take you into advanced yoyoing.

Tools of the Trade – Yoyo Accessories

yoyo string to help you learn how to yoyo

Yoyo String

As you start to learn tricks it will not be long before you will need to change the string on your yoyo. While there are different kinds of yoyo string which you will want to experiment with as you progress, in the beginning these differences are not so important for learning how to yoyo. Since you will need extra string we just recommend you get yoyo string that is a color you like to go with your yoyo.

Yoyo kits and packs for beginners

Yoyo Kits and Packs

Strings are not the only accessory you will need. Some yoyos have bearings that need Yoyo Lube, beginners often use Yoyo Finger Wrap to keep their yoyo finger from hurting, and we recommend players get a YoTricks Bloop so it’s easy to carry their yoyo everywhere. On YoYoTricks.com we have Yoyo Kits and Packs customized with the best accessories for each yoyo so you can be confident you have exactly what you need to learn how to yoyo.

Learn How to Do All the Yoyo Tricks

how to do beginner yoyo tricks

Learn the First 50

In order to learn the more difficult yoyo tricks like Spirit Bomb it is necessary to master the fundamentals of yoyoing first. We have put together a list of our recommended First 50 Yoyo Tricks to help you learn how to yoyo more quickly. Once you have mastered these 50 tricks, you will be ready to learn any of the over 150 tricks taught on YoYoTricks.com.

Learn how to yoyo anywhere

Learn How to Yoyo Anywhere

One of the best ways to improve your skill is to practice everywhere and anywhere you can. To make this easier YoYoTricks.com has created apps for Apples iOS devices like the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch, as well as for Android devices. These apps give you fast and easy access to all of our yoyo trick videos wherever you go so you never have to stop learning how to yoyo.

Mobile App

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