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Micro review for the Space Crown Ultra yoyo from YoYoFactory.

Track Title: Stephen Walking – Dads in Space
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    Space Crown Ultra – Micro Review Yoyo Trick
    The Space Crown Ultra is a new yoyo from Yoyofactory that is lightweight allowing it to play fast, but its design allows spin times on par with heavier, slower yoyos!

    How does it achieve this, you ask?

    The Space Crown Ultra is machined out of 7068 aluminum, the same grade of aluminum used on the body of the eye phone!

    The biggest advantage this offers over standard 6061 aluminum yoyos is that the walls can be machined much thinner, allowing for more extreme shapes and weight distributions!

    In the case of the Space Crown Ultra, at 64.9 grams, they were able to make the diameter larger and put more mass on the rim of the yoyo!

    The Space Crown Ultra. It’s like a Space Crown, but ultra.

    Don’t know what a space crown is? Neither do we!

    It’s round like a crown and it moves through space! And, it’s ultra!

    So if you want to be a space King, Queen, Prince, or Princess get your Space Crown Ultra at today!

    There are no yoyo tricks you need to know before learning this trick with your yoyo.

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