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Learn how to do the Spirit Bomb Yoyo Trick.

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Spirit Bomb Yoyo Trick
This trick is called Spirit Bomb, and it looks like this.

When you do Spirit Bomb, you want to start with your Wrist Mount. It is just a normal Wrist Mount. The next step is kind of like the way that you would dismount on your Wrist Mount. You are just going to roll under the yoyo, just like this, and instead of twisting your hand and dismounting, you are actually going to roll under those two strings, right there.

This next part, the first time you do the trick it can seem kind of confusing, but if you just try it you will see it just kind of does it itself. What you are going to do, is you are going to toss the yoyo up and bring your yoyo hand underneath the yoyo. There is just going to be one string that is there, and you are going to catch the yoyo on that string. It looks like this. Just like that. That is really the first challenging part about the trick, is getting the yoyo into this configuration right here.

Once you get it here really the most difficult part of the trick is coming up. What you are going to do, is you are going to toss the yoyo up and you will see that you have a little triangle here and you have a string underneath it. What you are going to do is get the yoyo to fall right through that triangle and land on that string. This puts you basically into a Wrist Mount, it is not exactly a Wrist Mount, but it is pretty much the same. What you are going to do is dismount just like you would out of a Wrist Mount. You are going to roll back, twist your hand, roll back onto the string that is closest to you, and then you can bring the yoyo back to your hand.

Like I said, the most challenging part of the trick is that second hop where you have to uncross your hands. So let me explain that. One thing that I can note, is when you are trying to hit this first hop, one thing that I have found, is that I tend to hit it a little more often if I turn my hand upside down.

Once you get the yoyo in this string configuration right here you are ready to do what is really the most difficult part of the trick. That is where you toss the yoyo up and you want to land it in between the triangle on that bottom string. You want to toss the yoyo up as high as you can, and when the yoyo is at its peak you to uncross your hands, and this finger right here is going to hit the strings that are brought up by the yoyo. The higher the yoyo is the bigger the triangle is going to open up. The other thing that will open the triangle up more is if you make sure that your hand is spread wide open. That will just give you enough space, you can see how big the triangle is. The top of the triangle is really close to my finger and that is because I threw the yoyo up really high. You are just going to get out of it just like you would any Wrist Mount. Just bring the yoyo back to your hand.

The Spirit Bomb is a really challenging trick, but again if you want to do the trick ladder, it is one of those tricks that you have to learn. It is really one of those tricks that once you master it you really start to realize, wow, I am really getting good at yoyoing, I am really progressing. I recommend you work on it. Watch the video and just get used to all the little things that you have to do to get it right. Once you get it it’s really great.

That is the Spirit Bomb.

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