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Learn the basics of Yoyo Rejections, including detailed instructions on the Basic Backhand Rejection.

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Rejection Introduction – Backhand Rejection Yoyo Trick
This video is an introduction to rejections and I am going to teach you one rejection in particular which is the Basic Backhand Rejection which looks like that. This is a rejection that can be used as a repeater.

Rejections are tricks where the yoyo’s spin interacts with the string in such a way that it actually kicks the string right out of the gap of the yoyo. While there is a lot of different ways you can use rejections, for the most part they are grouped into three main categories. The first one I already showed you and that is where you use lateral movement on the yoyo to take the yoyo from one mount into a different mount. The second one is similar, but in this case what you are going to do is you are going to use the motion of the string coming out out of the gap to actually whip right back into the yoyo like that and the third one is very different and that is Magic Drop and because it is so different we have a video devoted just to that so you can definitely go check that out if you want to learn the trick Magic Drop.

Now like I said the first two are similar in that they use lateral movement and what I mean by that is for the most part when you are yo-yoing the yoyo moves along the grove of the yoyo so it just moves side to side like this and lateral movement is where the yoyo moves front to back. You can see that when that happens the string starts to push up against the side of the yoyo and if there is enough friction there when the yoyo is moving forwards the string will actually kick right out of the grove of the yoyo like that and that is what a rejection is.

So because it is the spin of the yoyo that is forcing the string out, one thing that you may not consider is that means that the direction that the yoyo is spinning can have an effect on whether or not the rejection is going to work. What you may find when you are experimenting with your own rejection is that sometimes you are doing a trick, the yoyo and the string is just going to reject really naturally but then if you try the same trick with the yoyo spinning the opposite direction. Sometimes but not every time when you try that rejection, see how the yoyo just sucks the string right into the grove as opposed to kicking it out and that is because that is how rejections work it is the friction of the yoyo against the string causing the string to behave a certain way. With some rejections it is going to cause the string to come out of the yoyo and if you do the spin the opposite way it will take the string back in. So that is just something you are going to have to experiment with as you are working on your own rejections to see which way works the easiest.

So when we are talking about Basic Backhand Rejection, I will give you a couple of tips to make this one work. First one is when you are setting this up, what you want to do is you want swing the yoyo past your yoyo hand and behind your opposite hand just like this. Sometimes when you are doing that what you may find is that because the yoyo is sliding down the string it might actually start, the string might actually start to wind around the yoyo a little bit. To keep that from happening one thing you can do is if you keep your hands really close together the yoyo is not going to need to slide down the string and so that won’t happen, but if it happens anyway what you can do is you can just bounce the yoyo a little bit and that will cause the string to fall out of the gap.

So once you have the yoyo here what you are going to do is you are going to point your finger off to the side and behind you a little bit and you are going to swing the yoyo forward, that lateral movement we talked about, and in order to get the string to reject you might actually have to swing it a little more than you would expect. So what I found is when I am doing this trick I can pretty much guarantee that it is going to reject if I bring the yoyo up to the height of my hand and when I do that you can see that the string comes off pretty easily and that gives me time to attempt to catch the trick.

So to complete the trick, the last thing you want to do is you are going to want to hook the string up here with your opposite hand and that is just to keep the string from falling off and then as the yoyo is coming forward and you hook the string you are going to bend your hand forward just like this. What you will see is that then if you extend your finger at the end you are just in a basic Trapeze. As long as you keep that string from falling off your finger it should be a pretty simple transition. So that is an introduction to rejections and the Basic Backhand Rejection. 

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