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Learn how to do the Fingerspin Curl Yoyo Trick.

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Fingerspin Curl Yoyo Trick
In this video I am going to teach you the Fingerspin Curl with this Winter Solstice Yoyo. There are 2 ways to do it. You can do the upper curl, which looks like this. Just like that. Of course, you can also do the lower curl, which looks like this. The nice thing about the lower curl is you can transition into DNA.

If you want to learn these tricks, make sure you have mastered the Fingerspin by watching our Fingerspin tutorial. Once you have mastered that, you will find that these tricks, they can be tricky, but they are not terribly difficult to learn.

Once you are starting to land your Fingerspin, the first thing you want to do is actually just work on getting your finger to rotate in the proper manner. The key is you want to try to keep your finger as vertical as possible. That can be tricky at first. The nice thing about this trick is you don’t have to do it perfect if you use all the tips in this video.

You want to start your upper curl by putting your finger up in the air. As you turn to the outside you are going to get to a point where you just can’t turn any more. The way you can get the rest of it is you can just come down and you can finish your rotation. The nice thing is that movement of going up to down right at that point, that helps to keep your finger a little more vertical. You just reverse the motion for the lower curl. Everything works basically the same.

You will notice when I do it, I am not keeping my finger perfectly vertical, that is because you don’t really have to as long as you do the trick the right way. What I would recommend when you do this trick, you want to do it while your yoyo has landed on your finger at an angle. There are a few reasons why that is superior than landing it perfectly flat. The first one is that the yoyo has a tendency to stay more still on your finger when it is at an angle, just like we taught you in our Fingerspin video. The other thing is when the yoyo is at an angle it precesses. It starts to turn like this. What you can do is you can use that turning to your advantage. As you are doing the motion, you can follow the turn of the yoyo so that where the yoyo is angled up, that is where you keep your palm the whole time. That way the yoyo doesn’t run into your palm, which is a major problem with this trick when you are first learning how to do it.

That is why you want across your body when you do the upper curl, and you want to throw to the other side when you do the lower curl, because then it is easier to match the turning, the precess of the yoyo you are doing the trick.

One of the first problems you are going to run into as you are doing this trick, is your hand is going to be bumping into the yoyo, or the yoyo is just going to be moving around and then falling right off as you are attempting the trick. The main reason for this is you are not keeping your finger vertical enough, or you are moving just a little bit too quickly. That’s why it is really nice to let the precession of the yoyo be a guide. You can see the yoyo kind of moves around slowly so you can move around slowly as well. That helps you to keep control of things as they’re happening.

Another thing that is also going to be very common is as you are doing the trick, the string is going to end up wrapping right around your finger. This is just because it is a Fingerspin trick. You learned in our Fingerspin video if you don’t keep the string off the bottom half of the yoyo, then the yoyo is going to pull that string around and it is going to wrap around your finger. That exact same thing is true of this trick. The difficult thing about the Fingerspin Curl is you can’t just lift your yoyo hand higher than your opposite hand, because at different points in the rotation that simply isn’t going to work, especially as you are transitioning from the top to the bottom, or the bottom to the top. What you need to do is pull the string so that almost all the slack is gone, but not all of it. If you pull it so that you remove all the slack, then you are going to pull the yoyo right off your finger.

Now one other bonus of catching the yoyo while it is still at an angle, and then using the precession to do the trick, is if you have other Fingerspin tricks that you know require the yoyo to be flat, you can use that time while you are going the curl to let the yoyo level out, and then you are ready to transition right into another trick.

If you have mastered your fingerspins but are still having trouble landing this particular trick, just know that the yoyo you are using can make a pretty significant difference – especially at the point where you transition from the upper to the lower part of the curl, or the lower to the upper because at that moment the string does need to push around the outsider of the yoyo. It does this by grabbing onto the bottom part of the yoyo and then having the yoyo push it around. If you have a yoyo with a sticker finish, at least stickier in terms of how it relates to the string, when the string does that kick around, it might have a tendency to kick the string around too much, then it will wrap around your finger. If you have a smoother finish, then that will help a lot more so that you can be a little more sloppy, the string can touch the bottom a little more, but it won’t force it around anymore than it needs to.

Another thing that will also help is if you have a yoyo with a wider profile, that means that the place where the string touches it, the angle is not quite as steep. This means that the pressure the string is putting on the yoyo isn’t as great. A wider yoyo will also make this trick just a little easier.

Finally, it is nice to have a yoyo with a finger centering design, so that when the yoyo levels itself out, you can then do longer fingerspins and transition into other tricks.

I hope all of this has helped you out. That is the Fingerspin Curl.

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