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Learn several variations of the Cross-Arm Trapeze Yoyo Tricks put into a combo.

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Cross-Arm Trapeze Combo Variations Yoyo Trick
In this video I will be teaching you several more variations of the Cross-arm Trapeze. I will even put them together for you into one combo, and that combo looks like this.

To start, you are going to start with a Cross-arm Trapeze, and we are going to learn a new dismount that looks like this, it looks like a rolling dismount. What you are going to do, is your are going to start by uncrossing your hands just like you did in one of the previous dismounts in our previous Cross-arm Trapeze video, and instead of hooking your index finger in and dismounting it off the mount right away, you are going to perform an extra roll first. This roll is pretty much identical to the Reverse Flip on the Front Mount, so if you are having trouble with that, check out that video. After you perform that roll, you will end up in exactly the same position as you would be previously, so you will just hook your index finger in and dismount and land in the Trapeze just like you normally would.

The next one, you are going to be essentially performing Pops from the Cross-arm Trapeze, so you are going to dismount, slide the string off your finger and end up on the Trapeze like that. If you have not learned Pops and haven’t learned to slide the string off your finger I suggest checking out that video as well.

Next thing, instead of sliding it off your finger and landing it in a Trapeze, what you can do is, instead of landing it on top, you can then push the string back in and land in the Cross-arm Trapeze again to the point where you can just do Cross-arm Trapeze Pops as a Repeater.

The next one is, you are going to start with a Cross-arm Trapeze again, this time you are going to do another dismount by popping (Eli Hop) the yoyo up into the air and landing straight into a Trapeze by simply uncrossing your hands. No extra twists or anything in your fingers is necessary. No need to over complicate it. It should land straight into a Trapeze, just like so.

From there, if you have learned how to do the uncross into a Trapeze, all you need to do is think about how you do the trick backwards, so you can start with the Trapeze, hop the Trapeze up into the air, cross your arms and land in a Cross-arm Trapeze like so. Once you learn that, you can even put them together and make them become a Repeater.

The next one is you can start with a Trapeze, and then we are going to perform a Cross-arm Trapeze pretty much as you normally would, except the yoyo is mounted on a Trapeze already. You can think of it as any time you are in any mount to the point where you can land the yoyo on the string again, just like you are doing a Double Trapeze, you can instead hit the string just like you normally would in a Cross-arm Trapeze, like you are pushing into the string like that, except now the yoyo is mounted and you can push onto the string and land it on a Cross-arm Trapeze like so.

To dismount you are going to do the old dismount by your arms still being crossed. Uncross them, land on top of the Trapeze again, and then perform the end of the Skin the Gerbil trick once you land it on that Trapeze again.

This concept will arise all over the place in all sorts of different mounts. I’ll show you one more where you end up in a Brain-Twister mount, and one of the variations you can do in a Brain-Twister mount is from the Front-Mount you will swing over to the opposite hand, swing it to the outside, and land it on what seems like a Trapeze and then swing it back the other way, back into the Front-Mount, and then dismount. Instead of landing it on this supposed Trapeze, you can end up just hitting this string right here, and performing a Cross-arm Trapeze like this, and then you can do a dismount like so. Again, that will be hitting here, you will then swing over. Instead of hitting the trapeze you will hit the Cross-arm Trapeze while swinging from the Front-Mount, you will then undo the cross, hit it like you are doing Skin the Gerbil, you will then roll out once again, then swing it to the outside of your hand and you will be back in a Front-Mount.

The last two variations are body tricks. If you have learned all these then you have pretty much honed your skill in Cross-arm Trapeze all you need to do is learn how to do it in different places on your body. What you can do is you can go with behind the back Cross-arm Trapeze like so. There are a few tips I can give to you for hitting the Cross-arm Trapeze behind the back, or even hitting the Cross-arm Trapeze while under your leg. Number one, notice that each time I do it I am actually putting wraps around my throw hand to shorten the string, so that way it is easier to push my opposite hand forward enough to hit the Cross-arm Trapeze. Second, you will notice that as I do it, I completely turn my body to the outside. That way I have enough room to land on the Cross-arm Trapeze, whether my hand is behind my back or I raise my leg up and put my opposite hand under my leg, like so. Make sure you turn your body enough so you have enough room to place your hand where you need it to be.

The last thing is, if you want to add some more flair to it you can even perform the rolling dismount, just like we did in the first variation on this video. You can really make the trick look good if you hit the Cross-arm Trapeze and roll out like so. You can do that behind the back, and under the leg.

Again, the combo is going to be, we are going to perform a Cross-arm Trapeze, do a rolling dismount, we are going to hit the Cross-arm Trapeze and do a Pop, we are going to do an Eli Hop into a Cross-arm Trapeze, and then Eli Hop dismount back out of it, into a Trapeze. From the Trapeze we will then do the Cross-arm Trapeze while inside of a Trapeze with the Skin the Gerbil dismount. Lastly, we will do the behind the back Cross-arm Trapeze with the rolling dismount and the under the leg Cross-arm Trapeze while doing the dismount while under the leg as well.

That is the entire combo, once you learn all the individual elements, you can then try to put it together and see if you can copy my combo as well. Those are variations to the Cross-arm Trapeze.

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